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2020 Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves and Fashion Accessories Expo Will Present to You the Beauty of Hats from Different Places of Production

People can easily change
their moods and looks with different hats. With the increasing love for and acceptance of hat accessories nowadays, more and more businesses begin to focus on hats, a single product that seems to have unlimited potential. As a result, hat brands and apparel accessories brands including hats are growing.

As a trade fair focusing on hats and apparel in the industry, 2020 Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves and Fashion Accessories Expo will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from March 2 to 4, 2020. The Expo has been successfully held for three consecutive years, with the aim to bringing a commercial festival featuring channel expansion, brand cooperation, negotiation & purchase, and commercial promotion to professionals in related fields such as brand enterprises, designers, distributors, import and export traders, retailers, buyers, OEMs, etc.

After years of development, a number of hat clusters
with the advantages of an integrated industrial chain and large-scale distribution have taken shape in China. Industrial clusters represented by Qingdao, Zhejiang production areas, Dongguan, etc., and brand clusters represented by Shenzhen and Shanghai have become pioneers in the development of the industry.

Qingdao is reputed as the first “land of hatting” in China, as in the past 40 years, the hat manufacturing industry in Ligezhuang of Qingdao has achieved great development from a manual workshop. Now, Ligezhuang Town has become a world-famous place of hatting. The large-scale production of nearly 400 hat-making enterprises has formed a characteristic industrial cluster with an output value of more than RMB 2.5 billion.


Zhejiang production area produces high quality straw hats and knitted hats. This place has a unique foundation and advantage in the textile industry. For example, Yiwu, Nantong, Zhangjiagang, CixiWenling and Taizhou have many enterprises producing straw hats and knitted hats. They have accumulated rich experience in many aspects such as export expansion, variety development and business management.

Dongguan is a city of hatting on rapid rise. As one of the central cities of the Pearl River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Dongguan has rich industries. In terms of hats, it mainly focuses on baseball caps, fisherman hats, sports caps, etc. In recent years, a modern hat industry chain with a high degree of aggregation, a compete market and complete facilities has taken shape.

Up to now, th
e Expo has already brought together a large number of well-known representative enterprises in production areas, including Huihua Qianxiu Apparel and Hats, Flower Star Hats, Kanghai Hat and Bag Manufacturing, Guanhua Hats, Jinguan Hats, Hengtai Hats, Xiangyun Hats, Jinguan Hats, Laiding Hats, Fuchema Hats, Zegu Chunxiao, Shengda Straw Crafts, Zhongran Crafts, Ouli Crafts, Yixintai Crafts, Hongwei Knitting, Shishe,, , ng , Knitting, Shiqing Knitting, Lvzhen Knitting, Ninghang Knitting, Alkin Knitting, Hongxi Textile,Aochi Silk Craft ,Ibeka Apparel, Kangbo Apparel, China-Africa Apparel, Pinyou Apparel, Sahngxin Apparel,Guandi Apparel, Zelong Apparel, Baishigao Apparel, Yufu Apparel, Xudian Apparel, Haohan Outdoor Goods, Lingheng Trade, etc. They will exhibit all kinds of hat accessories such as baseball caps, beanies, peaked caps, brimmed hats, berets, woolen hats, Bucket hats, Bowler hats, sports caps, straw hats, knit caps and fedora hats.

, the 15th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo, 2020 Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo and 2020 Shanghai International Shoes Expo will be held concurrently. It is estimated that the 50,000-square-meter exhibition area will bring together 800 exhibitors to serve the procurement demands of 20,000 professional buyers.

The Expo will be jointly organized by China Commerce Association for General Merchandise and Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. More highlights of industrial clusters and representative enterprises will be unveiled at the Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves and Fashion Accessories Expo at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from March 2 to 4, 2020. Please stay tuned and pay a visit!



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