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Ecuador hat unique in the world


The Toquilla straw hat has been established as an emblematichandicraft of Ecuador. The culture and art of Ecuadorian hat is considered anintangible heritage of humanity by Unesco since 2012. The Toquilla Straw hat iswoven with the fibers of a peculiar palm tree that grows on the shores ofEcuador. The weavers are mostly peasant families and weaving techniques arepassed on from generation to generation from mothers to children.


The Ecuadorian hatrepresents more than an object; it stands for the culture of ancestralknowledge, which nowadays is recognized as a traditional weave. Also it visualizes the meaning andthe socio-cultural function that is expressed in a set of knowledge andtraditional techniques. The provinces of Azuay,Cañar and Manabi where is preserved the knowledge to advance hat tradeindustry.


The Toquilla Straw Hat nowadays has become an iconic product from the exportableofferthat Ecuador produces, with the following outstanding characteristics :

Made from vegetalfiber, the toquilla straw hat offers greater lightness and freshness

There are differentqualities of hats, including extra fine hats.

Each piece iscompletely handmade hence unique and exclusive 

They have consistentlyfollowed fashion trends. 


Infact, the aforementioned features of the Toquilla Straw Hat had led it to winfame and recognition in the world of fashion. According to Ecuador customsstatistics, in 2017 thesector exported 84 tons and 12.77 millions FOB of toquilla straw hats. The mainexport destinations in that year were: United Estates, Italy, Germany, Franceand United Kingdom.


Unlike the development of traditional men’s wear, women’s wear and children’s wear, hats, scarves, gloves, shoes, socks, underwear as well as all kinds of clothing, fashion accessories and other products are driven by the personalized needs of users and get popular with the upgrading of consumption. In recent years, the emerging industries have attracted more and more capital, and a large number of rising stars have become a new force that cannot be underestimated in the clothing and fashion accessories industries. In March, Shanghai, the city of surging fashion, will witness a grand event different from traditional clothing expos - Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo 2019 & Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo (hereinafter referred to as FAE 2019, official website: www.shgexpo.com), a gathering of brands to attract attention of the industries, a leader in fashion with massive new products and a drive of industry to enhance brand attention, which fully reflects the value of FAE 2019 in the clothing and fashion accessories industries, a messenger to deliver new trends and changes in dress matching to the industry, will, in this three-day event on March 20 - 22, 2019, see nearly 650 exhibitors at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, with a display area of 50, 000 square meters and up to 15,000 professional visitors.

The FAE 2019 will link the entire clothing accessories industry with diversified products, for an in-depth interpretation of “professional B2B trade expo in the fashion industry,” which features the perfect connection among manufacturers, OEM buyers, import & export traders, dealers & agents, department stores & supermarkets and other groups.


In order tocontinue with the promotional activities for the Toquilla Straw Hat in thechinese market, The Consulate General and  Commercial Office of Ecuador in Shanghai willbe participating with a country booth in the Shanghai International FashionAccessories Expo (SIFAE) from the 20th till the 22nd of March 2019, wherediverses styles of Toquilla Straw Hat will be displayed. During the SIFAE, anexclusive Fashion Runway themed with the Ecuadorian Toquilla Straw Hat incooperation with the chinese company HATTERS’ HUB scheduled for 21st of Marchat 2pm.


厄瓜多尔走秀4.png厄瓜多尔走秀3.png 厄瓜多尔走秀5.png

Venue:Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Address:No.1099 Guo Zhan Road, Pudong new district, Shanghai, China

Additionally, STAR IN YOU contributed to the training that allowed to the members of theEcuadorian community, to get ready for the catwalk that will be held the SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL ACCESORIES EXPO, in order to promote toquilla hathandcraft.


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