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A Wide Variety of Sports Accessories in FAE 2019

With the improvement of living standards, people pay increasing attention to health. Sports and fitness become more popular among people. Relevant data show that the income and profit of Chinas sporting goods industry continued to grow from 2013 to 2017, with the five-year compound annual growth rate standing at 7.64 percent and 9.37 percent respectively and increasing rapidly. From January to April 2018, the main business income of Chinas sporting goods industry reached 43.51 billion yuan, with a total profit of 1.9 billion yuan. Moreover, under the guidance of the relevant national policies, the sporting goods industry will develop at a faster pace and is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in income by 2022


Meanwhile, with the rapid growth of market demand, personalized and fashionable sportswear products with special functions have received extensive attention in the market. As a professional exhibition in the clothing accessories industry, 2019 Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves/Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo closely follows the development of the industry and chooses sports and leisure as it main theme. The exhibits cover all kinds of hats, hats, scarves, scarves, shawls, gloves, socks, shoes and underwear, to name just a few, providing a better and more professional international trade platform for sportswear companies.



This years exhibition will bring together well-known brands and producers. As a professional clothing accessories exhibition, it will provide visitors and buyers with business opportunities such as OEM, import and export businesses and branding agent. Compared with the previous one, this exhibition will attract a large number of well-known enterprises. For the hats and headwear sector, the exhibitors include Top speed head wear, Surmount Hats, Qixing Hats, Fengze Hats, Linjing Hats, Pinyou, Junyi Hats, Fuyou Hats, Hiking Outdoor Goods, Master Headwear, Weilian Sports Goods, Dolphin Hats, Rongguan Hats, Yiding, Jinguan Hats, Chemafu Hats, Santian Hats, Bohao Clothing, Jodums Hats (Premium Outlet), etc. For the sector of sports gloves, the exhibitors include Xuezimei, SwanLake, Lixin Gloves, Rulai Gloves, Lvzhen, Tianyi, Yiboli, Jiazhen, etc. For the sector of shawls, neck gaiters and silk scarves, the exhibitors include Yufei Clothing, Daiweimei Textile, Baoya Silk, Chengwei of Dama Town, Haohao Clothing, Meichuan Clothing, Tianyi Knitting, Yipeng Textile, Aixue Clothing, etc.



Besides, the 14th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo will exhibit the most fashionable sports socks from well-known enterprises including Orient Befit, Fuli, Had, Lituo, Meikan, Randy, Yarun, Yaoshun, etc. Shanghai International Shoes Expo will show various kinds of shoes from exhibitors including Guangzhou Biying, Wenzhou Haikuo and Xiamen Huaerxi, etc. Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo will demonstrate a wide range of sports underwear products from enterprises including Shandong Migu, Anhui Qianshouyijia, Kunshan Jinlai, Dongguan KENT (HK), etc. The four exhibitions will present diverse sports products so to help you keep up with the trend of sports products and enjoy one-stop convenient purchase of sports accessories.



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