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Trends of Women’s Clothing Accessories in FAE 2019

As the fashion never stops evolving, the beautiful, novel, and attractive accessories have become the trend of popularity as they highlight the overall dressing, enhance the overall effect of your look, and further improve your personal taste and classes. Thought women are major consumers of the clothing accessories in China, their demand for accessory products accounts for less than 5%, much lower than that of Tokyo (68.2%), South Korea (68%), and Singapore (48%). Such status quo implies infinite opportunities in Chinese clothing accessories industry.

By taking these opportunities, 2018 Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo/Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo (www.shgexpo.com) had attracted broad attention from all sectors of the industry since the launch and had received countless praises at the exhibition venue. 

Following the outstanding performances in 2018, the sponsors will roll out the 2019 Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo series at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from March 20 to March 22, 2019 by collaborating with China Commerce Association for General Merchandise, Shanghai Garment Trade Association, Shanghai Garment Headwear and Shoes Commercial Association, Yiwu Caps Association, and other organizations.  



The event in 2019 will dive deep into the refined areas and stage the following four major theme exhibitions, namely Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo 2019, Shanghai International Shoes Expo 2019, Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo 2019, and the concurrent 14th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo (Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo 2019). The main lines of the exhibitions will be “Women of Fashion,” “Sports and Leisure,” “Elite Businessmen,” and “Original Boutiques”, and the exhibits will cover all kinds of hats, headwear, scarves and capes, gloves, socks, shoes, and underwear, to name just a few.


“Women of Fashion” will connect all the theme exhibitions during the event as one of the most important main lines. The size of the Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo 2019 will especially go far beyond that of the previous expos. There have been a number of domestic famous enterprises registering for the participation. For the hats and headwear sector, the exhibitors include Chengwen, Qixing, Zhongran, Rongguan, Santian, Lixin, Kairui, Xinsheng, Junchen, Oukai, Baishigao, Bohao, Dolphin, Manzhi’er, Xinchen, Shouguan, Shisheng, Xinhui, Yiding, Shengze, Junde, Kaijia, Ouli, Zhongfei, Jinguan, Pinyou, and Junyi. For the sector of shawls and silk scarves, the exhibitor include Aochi, Kai’er, Yufei, Meichuan, Baoya, Haohao, Daiweimei, Simai’er, Chengwei of Dama Town, Kaiwang, Yanyu, Langdu, and Huituo. For the sector of gloves, the exhibitors include Yueming, SwanLake, Zhipeng, Songlei, Rulai, Lvzhen, Shengyexin, Hengtai, Tianyi, Xinguan, Yiboli, and Jiazhen.


As for the exhibitors of stocking products for Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo 2019, they include BONAS, Fenli, Manzi, Pierre Cardin, Huayi, and Yongchun. Shanghai International Shoes Expo 2019 will present the women’s shoe products made by Tongxiang Huayi Shoes Co., Ltd. from Zhejiang Province, Fujian Zhenlong Shoes Co., Ltd., Xiamen Huaerxi Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Tiansheng Shoes Co., Ltd., etc. Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo will exhibit the products from Anhui Qianshouyijia Clothing Design Co., Ltd., Dongguan KENT (HK) Garment Manufactory Co., Ltd., Kunshan Jinlai, and Shandong Migu to meet the women’s demand for the beauty inside and outside and from head to toe. 


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